Sunday, February 27, 2011

Down Home

We've had a wonderful, easy-going weekend. You can't beat 60+ degree weather. I visited my elderly friends this morning. One of my friends cracked me up. We were talking about heaven and he was complimenting me and my husband on sacrificing our time to bring the residents Holy Communion. My friend Bill said, you won't have any stopovers on your way to heaven. Meanwhile, he said he'd be happy just to make it to purgatory. Ha, I laughed. Bill is a very spiritual man. And I have my faults.

After my visits, we went to the farm to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma. The cousins enjoyed being outside, swinging, playing tag and riding bikes.
The Chesire Cat: I couldn't believe there was a cat on the roof. The camera's iris went bonkers so the cat almost looks invisible. Love it! 
Meaghan demonstrates what my brothers and I used to do for fun. We would sit on the propane tank and pretend it was a horse. Before dad trimmed (butchered) the nearby tree (not in photo), we would also swing down to the ground like Tarzan. Good times.
Standing tall. Looks like a cover of a music album, right? Just needs a little cleaning up.

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