Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bring Your Own Big Wheel

Jack joined a bunch of kids at the city's rec center for Bring Your Own Big Wheel, an event that allowed them to drive the tracks like race cars.
While I would consider some participants sprinters, Jack was more like a long-distance runner. He had fun enjoying the scenery and taking it easy.
Jack pedaled for more than an hour around the spooky track.
There were some bumps along the way. Jack kept pretending to crash his tricycle. Here's one moment.
I told him to pretend that he was sad and this is what I got.
Jack totaled 20 laps, putting in 3.1 miles on his trike.
No, he didn't have to go potty. He was in the middle of throwing his medal in the air.
One weird note: a young girl who was there with her brother, very nice, struck up a conversation with me. She had dark rings under her eyes. "I was sick," she said, "but I puked and feel better now." Oh, goodness. Nice chat but gotta run. Please don't let me get sick.

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