Sunday, August 29, 2010

Potato Pancake Luncheon

Every year, my aunt Donna hosts Potato Pancake Luncheon. The lunch consists of potato pancakes, rice pudding, navy beans and other goodies including my grandma's sheet cake recreated by my mom.
This year's festivity was held Saturday at my aunt's house. She recently renovated her kitchen. It's gorgeous!
There were only four males at this estrogen dominated event. Mike was a brave soul.
Girl Power! My beautiful cousins.
Here comes trouble!
A cute little duckling made his debut.
My aunt Donna and her family did most of the work.
Last year, my mom and her sister wore the same shirts by accident. This year - it was planned.
Playing ball!
Too bad this picture of my nephew is blurry but I still like it.
In this picture, Garrett looks like a chipmunk. You wouldn't believe how much food he had just stuffed in his mouth.
Missing one sister.
Chilling out. Yesterday's weather was beautiful.

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